Escalating fear intimidation rage trepidation hate continuation loss insinuation

Incinerating faith validation self recreation life stimulation hope inception-

Elapsing time off-synchronization as sands mid- momentum are held by inertia-

Escalating agitation fight confrontation split persuasion flight persecution-

Freezing Paralysis I am in horror in full awareness in restriction in Deflection-

Overflow of clashing thoughts and dissonance clog the thin vessels in my brain-

I am crippled, ShUt DoWn, out of order, can’t HolD-it-ALL together!

No magic pill but instead a short-lived fix reserved for our misfortune…

…And I hesitate! for the aNTiDoTe has a price my soul can’t always pay. 

1 more time  I am in DebT and this benzo bypassing ain’t Free: So called side fx: melancholy

 took lethal injection over the electric chair: yet trading between evils ain’t right either. 




fragments: my logos


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falling short

I fall short on everything.  Not enough warmth to be human. Not enough ice for the cold bitch I am claimed to be. Not enough love (though a very lusty slave doll). Not enough rage though angry beyond reason. Not enough clarity to focus on any one thing or two or three. Not enough me (whatever IT is).Life is done with me yet I can’t let it be. My tears flow silently as I fall short again feeling undone.

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