Hello, You

I’m a highly functional insane lady. Although what exactly is this so-called high functionality?

I have an empowering weakening condition -see blog subheadline- . No, that’s NOT oxymoronic,  just radical acceptance.  Needless to say, I’m -along with the chaos in my head- quite a seductive character. I refuse to medicate to the point of numbness & I want to learn to embrace this – a work forever in progress. My strong desires to cease to exist get in the way of this though.

I wonder if I’m just a humanoid specimen with fluctuating value… Often being below or above the human baseline, not knowing why or how. Constantly balancing uneven weight I walk the skies of life wearing sinful pointy black stilettos. 

I’m remarkably “stable in my instability” as my therapist says. Please note I do take meds- only that I refuse to be entirely sedated for the sake of a “stability” that would entail the death of my personality. Ooops I rhymed words again… Hahaha.


“Coherence in contradiction expresses the force of a desire.” Jacques Derrida


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