Escalating fear intimidation rage trepidation hate continuation loss insinuation

Incinerating faith validation self recreation life stimulation hope inception-

Elapsing time off-synchronization as sands mid- momentum are held by inertia-

Escalating agitation fight confrontation split persuasion flight persecution-

Freezing Paralysis I am in horror in full awareness in restriction in Deflection-

Overflow of clashing thoughts and dissonance clog the thin vessels in my brain-

I am crippled, ShUt DoWn, out of order, can’t HolD-it-ALL together!

No magic pill but instead a short-lived fix reserved for our misfortune…

…And I hesitate! for the aNTiDoTe has a price my soul can’t always pay. 

1 more time  I am in DebT and this benzo bypassing ain’t Free: So called side fx: melancholy

 took lethal injection over the electric chair: yet trading between evils ain’t right either.