gEt g0nE?

just why are you not done (with me) yet? is my exhaustion&zeroproductivity&regressiontoinner child&lackofpeace not enough? i forget this all encompassing void of emptiness amounts to nothing, an integral part of us that can’t be shared or lifted despite the space it takes although its weight quietly&swiftlyyet ever so invisibly is crushing me, restructuring dimensions, rearranging my fragile walls of sanity, hiding my little windows of false hope, distorting the passage of time, silencing my screams. just why don’t you get gone (out of me) yet? this hollow shell of empty beauty is nothing but words contained, letters that amount to nothing that can be shared…



Pendulum back, Pendulum forth: Off with her head

On & on it goes, far & away I drift

On & on it does, now and then boundaries shift

Motion in time stands still… And I can’t let go.

Pendulum off, Pendulum on: Off with my head

Off & off it shivers, not too far yet tethered

Off & off  it simmers, now & later it slithers

Pendulum up, Pendulum down: Off with our heads

Cluttered mind & frantic soul- sounds, words & images overflow

Bouncing on my walls until they shatter

Hittin’ me until I’m mostly scattered

Motion in time fails to ensue… And it won’t let go.

Yet I won’t tell, eyes wide shut

In all-intrusive-strangeness I must dwell

In all-exclusive tangents I’m the one thread

Yet I won’t disclose, sexy pouted doll

Not quite smiling, just close enough to almost real

Then Pending Momentum spins the wheel

En route to vulnerable self- erasure I’m incomplete

Yet this vast expansive void of nothingness deems me whole