Pendulum back, Pendulum forth: Off with her head

On & on it goes, far & away I drift

On & on it does, now and then boundaries shift

Motion in time stands still… And I can’t let go.

Pendulum off, Pendulum on: Off with my head

Off & off it shivers, not too far yet tethered

Off & off  it simmers, now & later it slithers

Pendulum up, Pendulum down: Off with our heads

Cluttered mind & frantic soul- sounds, words & images overflow

Bouncing on my walls until they shatter

Hittin’ me until I’m mostly scattered

Motion in time fails to ensue… And it won’t let go.

Yet I won’t tell, eyes wide shut

In all-intrusive-strangeness I must dwell

In all-exclusive tangents I’m the one thread

Yet I won’t disclose, sexy pouted doll

Not quite smiling, just close enough to almost real

Then Pending Momentum spins the wheel

En route to vulnerable self- erasure I’m incomplete

Yet this vast expansive void of nothingness deems me whole