CDQ= {M/P + BS}(3)*

Cycle Duration Quotient = Result of the SUM of Mood divided between Physical markers Plus the PRODUCT of Brain-mind variance multiplied by Sleep hours TIMES three. *

*subject to the randomly organized shifts ocurring in clusters of 3,5,7 hours… or days, but never weeks. Aka the ‘stable instability’ factor.


Between Not Yet

In the space between measures ||| Filling the chasm [ ] In between thin dashed lines – – – Tracing the gap –  – In between hyper and ventilation /] A void not yet emptied /-|]*

*/Cold inertia spilling out of me over everything ’cause I am here not yet there like a stain of dark ink my tainted blood paints it all I am done not yet begun like this storm I insisted to hold still but somehow just started paralyzing me ’cause maybe it can’t be any other way. Not just yet.]


And I can’t breathe… been this way for hours my chest caving into my hollow as I gasp for air. Lacking reasons except for this surprise reappearance of my attacking anxiety daring my composure.

And You don’t let gowe’re both far gone into this rabbit hole but unlike before you have no hold of my mind. I’m pleased and You’re pissed my dear Anxiety Domme.

Victory is mine, roles reversed… so you have no choice but to let me breathe again.


Up-down, left-right, upside-down and viceversa. Unstable motion. Through smoke and mirrors. This figure split in odd angles. All sounds off-key. Untethered perceptions. Speed of light bending shadows. Unfinished momentum. Dangling. Increasing pressure on my neck I can’t breathe I can’t move I can’t speak the energies flow then shatter my shell again. Undone limit. I make my escape from your tightening grip. I Shift, drift and change the prism. I am the beginning, middle and/or end. In Finite Spectrum.


All & NothinG, End & BeginninG, NoN+UltrA: Ad infinitum.

Shifts I cannot stop, a subtle buzz I cannot mute: My parts rearranging in a time-space vaccuum 

Alfa-Omega decentered, No-Thing is All- Things: I fall off the scaffolds of this hollow shelter

Frigid absence to the bones and Im starved, disowned of affections I am torn apart: rebuilding what is left.

Black indifference burning acid to my soul, unfair dealings I am up for auction: OOAK yet another one

Instead of birth-giver can I trade for death-bringer? Pseudo Genesis in Apocalypse: fed up of this unrest.


Intense stimulation, sensory overload. Rythmic motions, our bodies in synched passion. Kisses beat silence while caressing undoes my words. Our playful bodies attract, our souls elevate in crescendo. Going with the flow of this current we cannot question. In synergy our minds transcend, blurring the lines of pleasure. Rites of affection, our sublime distraction. Unique affinity in units of lust, bits of love and intimacy- inmeasurable!

Fad e d

I’m faded my time is wasting as my thoughts race. Self running on empty my soul is hurting and my mind breaks. I’m faded my world is glaring as my words tangle. Self stumbling on feelings my brain is burning and my mind flees again.