CDQ= {M/P + BS}(3)*

Cycle Duration Quotient = Result of the SUM of Mood divided between Physical markers Plus the PRODUCT of Brain-mind variance multiplied by Sleep hours TIMES three. *

*subject to the randomly organized shifts ocurring in clusters of 3,5,7 hours… or days, but never weeks. Aka the ‘stable instability’ factor.



Up-down, left-right, upside-down and viceversa. Unstable motion. Through smoke and mirrors. This figure split in odd angles. All sounds off-key. Untethered perceptions. Speed of light bending shadows. Unfinished momentum. Dangling. Increasing pressure on my neck I can’t breathe I can’t move I can’t speak the energies flow then shatter my shell again. Undone limit. I make my escape from your tightening grip. I Shift, drift and change the prism. I am the beginning, middle and/or end. In Finite Spectrum.

Fad e d

I’m faded my time is wasting as my thoughts race. Self running on empty my soul is hurting and my mind breaks. I’m faded my world is glaring as my words tangle. Self stumbling on feelings my brain is burning and my mind flees again.




Escalating fear intimidation rage trepidation hate continuation loss insinuation

Incinerating faith validation self recreation life stimulation hope inception-

Elapsing time off-synchronization as sands mid- momentum are held by inertia-

Escalating agitation fight confrontation split persuasion flight persecution-

Freezing Paralysis I am in horror in full awareness in restriction in Deflection-

Overflow of clashing thoughts and dissonance clog the thin vessels in my brain-

I am crippled, ShUt DoWn, out of order, can’t HolD-it-ALL together!

No magic pill but instead a short-lived fix reserved for our misfortune…

…And I hesitate! for the aNTiDoTe has a price my soul can’t always pay. 

1 more time  I am in DebT and this benzo bypassing ain’t Free: So called side fx: melancholy

 took lethal injection over the electric chair: yet trading between evils ain’t right either. 



to No AvAiL:

: in this warzone in corrosion  in this sadness in exclusion: in this Non-sANitY  in seclusion in this paranoia in delusion: in this anxiety in obsession in this amnesia in regression: in this misery in desolation in this suffering in profusion: in this clutter in obstruction in this oVeRdRiVe in distortion: in this bLaCk-HoLe in expulsion in stimulation in self aversion:




fail to see what i once saw in the flow of this see-saw

like a rollercoaster but both more harsh and subtle.

in this see-sawing flow i hang and tumble.

this see-saw life in which non-existant i rumble


short-Circuitry of braiN.short-Cirque sans SoleiL.

Short-circuit trumps Self.

short-circus of dark woe.