Dragged Pawn



All & NothinG, End & BeginninG, NoN+UltrA: Ad infinitum.

Shifts I cannot stop, a subtle buzz I cannot mute: My parts rearranging in a time-space vaccuum 

Alfa-Omega decentered, No-Thing is All- Things: I fall off the scaffolds of this hollow shelter

Frigid absence to the bones and Im starved, disowned of affections I am torn apart: rebuilding what is left.

Black indifference burning acid to my soul, unfair dealings I am up for auction: OOAK yet another one

Instead of birth-giver can I trade for death-bringer? Pseudo Genesis in Apocalypse: fed up of this unrest.


Intense stimulation, sensory overload. Rythmic motions, our bodies in synched passion. Kisses beat silence while caressing undoes my words. Our playful bodies attract, our souls elevate in crescendo. Going with the flow of this current we cannot question. In synergy our minds transcend, blurring the lines of pleasure. Rites of affection, our sublime distraction. Unique affinity in units of lust, bits of love and intimacy- inmeasurable!


like shards of glass cold and cutting this seemingly transient unLove stage opens my skin and stabs my insides this understood rational unLoving unglues my messy shattered mind-set this hopefully transient unLove stage suffoccates my soul into a void silence your understood stoic unLoving is not stronger than me and youmulticolored shards of glass tainted in blood red

with my unDying Love– but barely just there

until our transient unLove phase is done with-

and we start Loving as we barely do now-but entirely





how Unbearable… insanely paradoxical

to find myself numb, scattered and crushed

under the growing weight of my own Existence

how Absurd… logically detached

to shut oneself down

to unexpress in disguise not shout

under the thickening veil of one’s own seething Shame

how Untenableboth false and real

to push-battle-kick  indefinitely

against the expanding mass of this…

the pervasive echo of my own disdained Resistance


Nature: Inherent, basic features of something. Biological factors.

Nurture: Process of caring for and encouraging growth. External factors.

Hypednature Lackingnurture yet I’m the one repelled

Freenature Trappingnurture yet you’re still appeased

Brightnature Gloomynurture:Faultynature Trickynurture


Asked to put the safety… instead You pulled the trigger

y aún me dueles, madre: aunque aprendí a desprenderme

Im collecting my pieces, becoming myself again

Supernature shot by nurture but so un-stopping







Fad e d

I’m faded my time is wasting as my thoughts race. Self running on empty my soul is hurting and my mind breaks. I’m faded my world is glaring as my words tangle. Self stumbling on feelings my brain is burning and my mind flees again.