a station without transmission.

suddenly i’m not here, suddenly i can’t help it.

i can’t be here, i can’t help thee.

a sum of all parts amounts to a pale whole of no-thing.

i’m losing time not once, twice, or again

suddenly i’m detached, suddenly i’m starting once more

incomplete scenes without an encore.



ReversE : SwitcH

unFin is h ed cOnsCiouSneSs_im Pair e d of AwarEneSs_

inVincible tho InVisible & Vice-versA.

You press PAUSE, I hit PLAY :Master-submissive charade.

in Com pl e t e business_stabbed I am unBLe e ding_

rough around my EdgeS_toRn & HarDcore.

in C r eased hyperALERTneSs:Dark passions Phase

You PULL my plug, I Re-BOOTmy senses : Top-bottom gone SideWaYs.


& I can’t F a De it_stuck between frames_ froze in Mid- ReverSal.

DoMiNAncE en-Switch_tiME sPiNs_out-of sync!

UnInviteD roles_All encompassing aSsumption

UnAmused inFUSioN_unFORTUNAte post-incluSioN.

Tic, Tic

Tic, tic, tickin’ away: Time counts the beats, tones and semitones of your death.

Tic, tic, tickin’ repeat: No Cheat Sheet for this game, all ventures with no gain.

Tic, tic, tickin’ refrain: In crescendo cadence as bouts of rhythmic obsession.

I’m here but not exactly… want to cease living though not entirely.



With this anguish. this
unrelenting despair.this widening burden. this heightening harshness burns me. but I won’t shut-down this power-play.

With this rising black sun my soul decimating down to darkest of coals. hypersexed mistress painfully restrained and tainted.

It flagellates me in seductive ritualistic trance searing my flesh in cruelest caress. but it turns me on and  I can’t quite contain it

Metamorphose stillborn in complete emptiness tightening grip on my fragile sanity

as I feel the warmth gliding down my legs

No More

I am let go. Beaten without purpose all love is gone. I am over-done. Frantic wandering without life there is no more. I am torn. Half-crazed without solace all reasoning gone. I am void. Nulled running empty without fuel there is no more. I am stripped. Bare without healing all hope is gone. I am unwell.  Bursts of energy without nourishment I am no more.


coming down to the end top to bottom all to nothing infinite feelings & boundless emotions condense to these poorly aligned letters conveyed in these insufficient words… with no beginning I am an ellipsis (…) of multiple ends.