reducing relentlessly push-&-pullin’ so restlessly/ Anti-Self Anti-Matter mine nonetheless/accountable half-mess// reduced to the irreducible now this once All-or-Nothin’/Roaming invisibly among the rest//

with no destination I walk eat & sleep alone/I hate it-&- cannot unmake it//

lest we simplify, lest I reduce as I’m being reduced in factorization//… for in subtractin’ one is losin’ bits of self, in minimizing one leaves scenes of life unreturned...///

Losing Misplacing this phasing of consciousness wears me out/// Looking restocking the cramped edgy corners of my sickened head/// Losing Mismatching dysphasing of time on my body taking toll/// Looking re-stuck-in this cycle of mini cataclysms & unforgiving hell prisms.////

Reducing to the irreducible: my life devoluting, my Self unbecoming, my world convoluting.

Reduced-&-Irreducible: turned in to a nothin’, sultry mistress to my misery disguising the sad naughtyness.

-with nothing to live for I no longer have to expect; not to mention care or self-respect— I’m some of a thing–

—restructured undoing down to my core/Anti-Self Anti-Matter not really mattering ‘ ’til I shared–

—-In this state of inter-textual action-play/ irreducible All is lost with All left to gain—-

reduced signification in factorization ad-infinitum

**Naked concoction of pervasive nothingness strippin’ seduction to distract the nonsense & lacking imagination**