Stuck head-struck by lightning fast phrases & stillborn sentences in frantic pace marking the tempo 3,2,1,4 , 2,3,4,1 of this deep pervasive unrest in uneven measures that I can’t phase out of- not in ever likely just not yet Over-saturated & too exposed.

It’s too dark & loud in my head I can’t breathe much less think  as my world vibrates! I’m half-alive almost dead reasoning  in obtuse angles though I won’t tell. Depression reverberates until I relegate it all ’cause my brain is in shreds & my soul is too far worn for wear & I can’t heal that which I can’t help in this paralytic state.


Sensory overload stuck head-struck in dragging motions & sudden midway stops very moved yet I am not moving. I am not me but something else & not human sitting below the current of an inverted meiosis: in dysfunctionUnSettleD iNerTia of Manic energy stuck in our corner refusing to change form to defy Physics though it’s splittin’ my ways beyond us. I am head-struck & out of sync yet not let go