I am subhuman though i act differently.

i am subzero in ongoing depletion.

i smile ’cause crying is all i’ve known

I half fit in but whole it will never be

If i lie enough i may believe as most do

that i am human and just a bit worn thru

i am the ink that neatly bleeds past the lines

i am a mistake that’s not yet corrected

i am the stain that refused to be lifted

I am the devaluing stock of a former life

i am a void of careful no things i’ve built

unable to share the weight of pain i carry

Nature loaded my gun then Nurture pulled the trigger 

Wounded, with my death foretold but i didn’t listen


So i painted my sky in vibrant hues

puffed white and stretched gray clouds

Surfed tidal waves, tornadoes and such

time met sand for days, weeks and years

trial of failed remedies that only half tame this

mania and depression, pure and mixed…


My world tumbles in derealization

fragments of memories under erasure

surreal bits and pieces of my survival

I am subhuman, half here and there

 With no happy or ending just yet.

i am an obtuse angle in a square plane.