SOuth-siDE: SLope

Your thinking is L_I_N_E_A_R – but Mine is SiDeWaYs.

Thine ways are rational – as Mine are deviant.

Your sentences built as pillars of ETHOS & Logic.

My words align in loud clusters gone pseudo-ErOtiC.

Your plans are Sequ e n t i  a  l – but Mine are diver enT.

Thy brain follows straight L_I_N_E_S  and keeps Thee all right angles.

Mine flees in TaNgEnTs & shreds My All to obtuse try-angles.


I’M stuck EVERYwhere. Outskirts of normal.

Fine lie, really SOuth_of_oKAy.

You’re free in 1 place. Social norm butterfly.

True smile, in norTH-bound-trend. 

I walk the edge carelessly yet won’t lose balance.

I wish for the fall yet my brain won’t let go.

But You don’t know & I won’t tell so on I play.