I wished to die today- but I can’t say so I try to forget

And many times do, yet it persists stretching my chest

Making me remember many other times too.

I wished to die today- once again so I ignore to adapt

Honor the feeling but run it past, yet it comes after me

A detour in my path each time about me I’m asked

I wish to die– though to disappear would suffice

I wish to die and that’s ok or at least I am

I won’t tell but now I can’t really forget

This pain I can’t ignore, defy, or control

I wished to die today-  one of many times before

I wished to die today- like a girl 20 years ago

I wish for Death– for it always dissipates

As I seek ways to survive instead.


But I can’t say- so I lie once more & yet again

Then I’m suddenly fine though few can see

I am strongly not how I claim to be as of late.