images frozen still, some full colored, most only traced in negatives-

triggering incomplete or lost memories.

sounds added to the looping track in my head, a lower octave 

unheard yet so fitting– dissonance, chaos, me.

and i’m just there trying to make enough space to both

embrace and depart in due time from this spiraling blue

you showed up nakedbarecryingbrokenweatheredtorninshreds – skills unlearned & i can’t let go.

this mirror reflects my stranger– for it’s my face

but you are the one peeking out my gaze. 

but who let you in? it wasn’t meyou, the little girl

in me i have long failed to remember.


sideways: dysphase

seems I’ve been many places though mostly I can’t recall. images, words, sounds, colors: bound and lost in these blanks. a hazy, half-sane, infinitely cRackEd sense of direction. sideways time navigates thru the breaks and holes of my depersonalized memory in dysphasic trance-