bad: adrenal.ine

all sense is arrested all reasoning is neglected in your energetic haze whether CMYK or Grayscale once you take over I am ablaze my soul in disgrace my mind disarrayed in the midst of this adrenal rush of scrambled signals making my biological clock run out of sync with no guide in this maze I am left in dark abandon lost in this warped transmission my paranoid stricken self is gone perhaps forever then in the blink of an eye my architecture gives way to the inevitable thus my walls crumble under the weight of our depression and my dysphoria as I disconnect under attack drowning in this adrenal rush that propels this anxiety and feeds this hatred that although not mine it is present seducing my hostile vulnerability that I display in variable degrees of hypersexual ways as my racing mind wanders in pseudo-suicidal trance fueled by the surge of your lively energy I both need and crave yet is often denied but for now it doesn’t matter because I feel you caressing the insides of my grandiose ego though I am not fooled:

You are my bad adrenaline, and I, your defiant muse.