I’m spent mentally emotionally overwhelmed in exhaustion the unwilling star of this hell in reproduction as time waits & I delay the inevitable torment of feeling another piece of me break away & dissolve in this air that drowns me in existence yet I can’t help but breathe and I feel it gel solid pushing my tainted insides out as I’ve wished but can’t do because I promised back when I waited but time delayed this extended release¬†horror in madness capsules I was not to see yet until it took partial rights within my brain and started to show this flesh I touch and crave although unattainable because I’m spent mentally wired body of energy deplete the blinded sun walks this eclipsed limbo in rays of light & dark submission as I survive the now but what about after? crumbling disaster in a different hue role plays for my laughter unveiled & my Self to be gone soon but not until the manic brights meet the depressed darks tracing a new horizon of kindness & dysphoria of bleeding rainbows spentlike my Selves.