not once.not twice or more but really once more I ariSE DOWNward… wearing your paranoid choker necklace your anxious side of affects like anger_rage_hate_bitterness_lust&dark stuffFeeding within me- parasites depriving me of oxygen, distraction when once more You INVade then escaLATE up my fences going from rough sex to painful rape though I willingly let you as once more my awareness devalues_expires_invalidatesalong with the rest of me– not once.not again but yet once again. matter is unstable, impulsivity multiplies as I’m bound in your chamber, on your comfy bed of lies & orgasms. sex overdone. Then you take over me. monochromatic deceiver, like a box of crayons that’s all black… what I’ve been given to color my world a rainbow, a pseudo-real sky & horizon, a resemblance of light in its height & absence… all strokes in black with no signs of my long lost crayon, my indigo blue… 

but that don’t matter for now or ever, my selfish Temptress, bearer of this broken present I always wish to forget & my tainted blood won’t do to neutralize the everlasting pain that somewhat You alleviate and trigger later- myaddictivesweetVenom, deadlyEliXiRofdysphoria with manic sour mixed. agitated & depressed.