Water has poured, Drops have rained. Thunder has roared, Windy airs blown. Sun has lit, rays overheated. All in one day.  Phases of unexpected extremes in climate change. And I’m still here. Cyclic opposition, fluctuating values unpredictable, clashing elements unstable. Like me. Like the weather. Here now present @ times more often than others but often the least. Bearer of curiosity untamed & near depletion- but I’m still here, standing still or trying.

In rage & tears I transcend- subtracting years minus steps to the end. We are here, but I must not forget “Nothing’s All.” (M.Z.Danielewski) ever after- or is that never?

The space that both strangles and caresses my body in lust, in pain, near extinction…  re-assigns meaning to our perceptions… Fired in bursts of electricity through the unique circuitry of the human brain. My bunch of faulty wires reacting frantically, too much damage for restoration.  Like bad weather. Like extreme climate change. Like me.

In rage & tears I flow- through the unknown I navigate these mixed seasons. Increased frequency with a shorter time span, not locally focused. Like this mixed weather. Like me. Except I do not like but hate it indeed. I am imprisoned, In laughter, in tears, in anxieties, in fears, in anger, in war, in peace, in limbic over-activation.

I am present, I am halfway there, I am fuckin’ weathered. infinitelybro.k.en d.own. yet no.t.