will someone tell me where the fuck I am in this continuum? just which light of the spectrum? which color on the palette we own?’cause I forget- loosing a key in your pocket then finding it in my purse. ’cause this world shifts without my knowing & my body follows its own tune to which I’m deaf. I un-remembered what it’s like times 10. A 95% insomniac- thy grace comes in & out of me in bursts of amnesia- cautious damage to you or is that me?’cause I forget who I fight in this obtused hell that everchanges until I remember. Now or later unlikely never but who knows? Because I refuse to ask : for it isn’t worth recalling what one wishes to un-know. Because I’m crushed in pain & you make it tenfold. This doing, I can’t. sad how I thought you could do better with this I got or was that you? I can’t recall & you refuse to tell what might save ourselves. It’s ok... except it is not.You & me forget, but I remember wanting to erase. Bur I’m stuck here, all of us 3. Taking turns @ the lead.