I: cry loud and unpretty or quiet and doll-like or just in my head I: cry inwardly tears so bubbly as energy rises and I: cry out in silent vanity so easily overwhelmed turning pragmatic I: cry and scream yet not letting it out in races of thoughts that never win but increase my sensations transforming sounds and the hues on my perceptual palette also shifting my internal architecture thus I: cry once more like a baby who must cry because of being soaked little head to big toe in scenes of many sensory images and sounds and smells and tastes baby isn’t equipped to handle in a way just like I: cry now and for many evers just a side effect of mania whether dysphoric or not because the over stimulation of senses and words and meanings and images and sounds is too much for my bearing until I: cry but differently for my mind is gone bland the imagery dull the world seems almost grayscale with sounds indistinct just a side effect of being depressed one way or another I: cry 1,000 and more different ways mixed up and I only fail to describe.