And the salty water flows incessantly, raging, in manic pace leaving a mark as it runs yet fails to escape for it evades nothing but its own current which is going anywhere but away. And I ponder if sink or swim is best as I’m dragged along these murky waters I failed to fight, hit side to side in aimless motion, until I’m left ashore, in the rocks, a blood thirsty bed I feed. Again undecided, life or death- although alive I am not anymore.And though I breathe it ain’t fulfilling, it is heavy, with shards of sorrow cutting my need to speak. An inevitable undoing of selves before this is over, as the current builds in waves I at times can see comingterrible beauty consumes my sights, takes hold of my senses, shoving lust into me, a sensation both dreaded and welcomed in this depressive state within a manic trance…. once more, a better worse-ness I fail to embrace or describe. In fear, my inaction must suffice, against this current (of mine) and your doing.