Por que?

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” Words in my head, also biblical ones, said by an agonizing Jesus. If you refer any search engine, they’re eager to translate. This is no religious post, I’m just borrowing words.

“Why hast thou forsaken me?” I ask one of my half- people in my head. My peacemaker or referee or (insert authority figure) has gone missing- I’m left here, abandoned, between the 2 other half-persons in my head whom demand I take a role… as if suddenly I’ve unlearned the past 2 years, the stepping back as chaos ensues… coping neuropsychology stuff… thus my ‘peacemaker’ taking a hands-on approach. Most times…”Por que me has abandonado?” “Por que me haces sufrir?” “Por que dejas mi conciencia?”