it’s crowded in my head wORdS lEtTeRs sOuNds in whole or frag.men.ts running flying  bouncing once twice pacing side to side ViBrAtionS electric drops of energy left and right of everyWHERE to quench my sleep-less-ness feed my hunger though quite never is it enough to retrieve my lost attention rage-ing, rave-ing, gone rabid or was it rapid?, no intervention,

a colorful uncoordinated choreography LOVEd&HATEitAll@OnceinWateryCycles a stream of create-in-captivity in tears that flood this life 1/2 miss-led all the while imprinting each miss-step on these sands of time, scraping my skin in fancy letters, though mymindruns IamTrApPeD my power insufficient to turn on the lightwithout clarity there is no exit!-my voice echoes ignored and forgotten senses distorted and scrambled in this altered reality state both asleep and awake.

Ultra-Cyclic Weather: Thunder, Sun & Rain merge-in-clouds

yet a fuckin’ RainBow once in never to be found.