my world is shrinking, but not just. it   e.  x.  p.  a.  n.  d.  s. it shrinks.

unanimous mockery breaking false h o p e nowhere to go as i’m gone 

a. n. x. i. e. t. y invades my escape (what’s left) paints the wall a paranoid tint of red & forces itself (on me). voices.silhouettes.motions out of the border of my eye. stuck here.

remembering better times of despair as i make myself  forget

this w. o. r. t. h.l.e.s.s.ness thatpullsmyworld  out  of   r  e   a   c    h.

1-moment-to the-next freshly erased.

“What constant re-angling of thoughts, an EndLess REaRRanGeMeNt of them,

revealing no-thing but shit. What b r e a k s. What gives.”“As soon as I write

I’ve already forgotten. I must remember. I must read.” Mark Z.Danielewski, HoL