Darkness__ , Light___

Whereas DARKNESS is solid, heavy, tangible, and all encompassing ; LIGHT is weightless, airy, translucent, and able to transcend all in a variance of rays for bits of time.  Where DARK imposes, LIGHT plays ; where DARK shrinks time and space, LIGHT distorts our perceptions of those. A world of one without the other lacks depth, and slowly wounds our humanity. DARKNESS on its own is too potent, domineering and quite sadistic. LIGHT by itself is bland, shapeless, and blinds our view of everything.

My inner world lacks fluctuation, the subtlety between both things, the initial stages that precede or end the storm. Certainly there is more dark than light. In fact, often the light is contaminated. Still beautiful, I’m still grateful for it, but not the pure light I so very much need in my internal landscape. There is often no cycling, just sudden switches, like my brain goes randomly on/offline as NIGHT collapses into DAY with no trigger, and does so again as it wishes. It’s abrupt, jarring, startling to my senses. There is no lasting pattern, except my tired, anxious, paranoid, scared presence… here.