Not-Yet ______

Where do lost minds go? Where do they hide? 

No answers, just question marks.

So called thoughts, though not all the way formed

Still in the race, dehydrated, part of the soundtrack

Of this manic trance not yet subsiding 

Overwhelmed circuitry, distorted transmission

Hyper-reality not yet faded

Engraved in bronze, silver, gold within my skull

Melancholy and anxiety mixture filling the cracks

Hypersexuality not yet tamed

Flickering image of dysphoria wearing laced euphoria

Temperature meets cold  then plays in waves of heat

Great feels worthless-All at once.

Hunger for life gone suicidal-All at once.

Rage, laughter, tears, thrills- Flirty cocktail seeping out.

My brain releases, fountain of insanity: My mind not yet found.