RAINDROPS adorn the spectrum of colors, love and hate across this sky I fall from nearly every day yet somehow make it back- my breath taken away by the beautiful sights, not yet disturbed by panic or paranoia courtesy of my overworked genetically enhanced dysfunctional brain circuits that fuel my intelligence and sexy-ness and fun-ness, as well as my rage and misery.

and I AM TIED by precious strands of metallic, colored and texturized ribbons, tangible symbol for feelings I emote but can’t quite explain and most can’t quite grasp anyway, an iridescence plays in the stormy skies of my eyes. INVISIBLE, fluorescent light pervades through all- I can just transmit or reflect it, despite the overwhelm-nent it brings that I must endure because my life knows no other way of existence. and it’s SO MUCH NOISE, droplets of fire that freeze my inner universe, cloud my eyes and distort my voice, the others’ and all sounds in chaotic out-of-tune confused detachment. but YOU ARE BLINDED by my display of colors, light, multicolored mosaic of smiles in effervescent synchronicity- threaded with lies and deceit, plus anger, rage, self-loathing and love in a seductive wrapper. Adult pleasure playland and I’m the star, both your domme & slave.


Rain falls in drops of shooting rainbows and among those i descenD. 

then I BOW to ManiCDepressioN – learned i must the hard way.