On a ride_sliding downward in upward motion_ fueled by the chaotic sounds & the swirling words giving birth to thoughts that race themselves & me_Organic muse coursing through my veins_electrified by the thundering storm in my brain while shocking my body into sleepless refreshment_ As I jump from cloud to cloud I find the purpose I didn’t realize I had but now must be completed immediately because I am the Chosen One_I watch my judgement as it takes flight with exciting ideas I can’t possibly process yet persist as these numerous stupid slow people whose mere existence is an annoyance doesn’t get out of my fuckin’ way hence my irritable hostility pours out way past the speed limit which is set too slow anyway_My impulsive edge a seductive perception filter in which my world’s color palette is bolder with an affair of light and shadow that’s sexier with their exposure blasting & distorting it all but beautifully_ Sounds are amplified in the soundtrack of my head with is various mismatched songs among halfway thoughts & words that I can’t quite catch but some of them mock or taunt me randomly or with obsessive chatter that eventually drowns the real world I must function in to pay rent and those things_ I’m disoriented as anxiety or paranoia or both start to attack my outer shell until it breaks and with it a little more sanity leaks out of the wound that isn’t fresh just reopened_my euphoria murdered by my dysphoria once more along with another bit of my personality_Red carpet set for Depression but will I survive? 


Will it be hours or days until I feel high again? Manic euphoria my sweet poison & survival aid.