long narrow hallway– expanding through the Nothing- feeding off Anxiety- thriving in Uncertainty- chewing the cells of my batterred Brain.

elongating path– walls shift and crash- enclosed Entrapment- crushing the overdriven thoughts of this haunted, ill-fated Mind.

blackening labyrinth– sucking all the light from the Sun- drinking all the rain from the Sky- strengthening the Void.

Withering body- disconnected going inert. Brain gone offline. 

Empty Corridor beyond any words, mistaken form of denial- this so called emptiness holds pain, despair, anxiety, loss of hope, overall sense of defeat. This so called vacancy is my home, setting for this overall crisis in which I’m stuck.


I am not here but gone where? She left but lost her way. I can’t find her or me.

Desperate drowning oceans of ticking time…

dark ocean