Depression w/a side of Mania

(mania gone depressed…)

blank expression like a blank canvas to a live painting.

blank stare like a gateway to a life of hidden madness.

-another day in the mindfuckery dungeon of mixed states-

over the rainbow down the black hole she is nowhere

-another time abandoned by the grandiose domme self-

a failure of mine forever stuck in the quicksand of time

speeding at 1099 mph I can’t move strangled by inertia

exhaustion steps aside to this increasingly manic mind

loosing traction of thoughts feelings and reactions desperate

my sanity keeps getting tainted to the point I can’t fake it

-another piece pushed until it broke though not free-

anxiety burns my skin and fucks my logic what will be of me?

I feel worthless sexy energetic anxious depressed paranoid suicidal