Nothing existsbut the pain that permeates every cell, every fiber that threads every saturated fabric of this fucked up, once decently human live existence. Tears. sighs. shrieks… biological effects that alter my perceptions of the world. Stretching the limits of my sanity until it breaks into the void.


My brain protects me from itself by shooting pain every fucking where so i cant move.

Pain- no longer an outside element but an intricate motif on my vessel. Brainwashing mindfuck.

I AM PAIN. I AM NOTHING. I am depleted. I am empty. I am sick. I am unwell.

The opposite of ok I am. But you don’t know it.

I am a deceiver. I am a liar. Actress of my role since birth.

I am unreal. I am vacant. I am minus human. I am fake

A worthless reproduction I am. But you ignore it. And my fancy mask breaks.