1: Push Play. Act I

Speedwhyareyousoslowwhenyoumustbefast? Thoughts race @ speedoflightorsomethingclose. My brain devours the stimuli, twists my perception until I loosetrackofalltime. The light is both terrifyingandbeautiful. My judgment is lostwithoutGPS but oh well I don’t really know. Yet. Wanna play? Come pushthelimitsof my lust. Not just a hotslavedominatrix but fuckinghilarious. Intelligent too. Ouch! No clue that light burned. You are tired yet I havenotsleptfordays cause I’m the citythatneversleeps haven’t I told you? A shot of adrenalineeuphoriahypesmeup how refreshing- hypomania goes mania. Voice in the very background whispers to be cautious, to be aware of thecrashingfall.SpeedwhyareyouacceleratingwhenImuststop? Dysphoria uninvited. Fuck No!



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  1. bipolar disorder can be managed by some medications but CBT also helps…

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