DeCoding Suicide

Disclaimer: I’ve been on/off suicidal since I was 9 or 10 years old. I promised myself to not ever do it on April 2009.

 Approx 40-50% of Bipolar Disorder patients will attempt suicide: approx 15-20% will succeed. My suicidal-esque moments have mostly been during mixed states:because of themanicenergyrapidracingthoughtsimpulsiveselfdestruction

*With suicidal people, it usually is not about themselves, or situations. It’s all about their ownPAIN. Nothing else exists. In visualizing, planning, attempting our suicide, we fantasize the End of ourPAINPlease, if you intend to help them, appeal to their pain, nothing else. They might feel dismissed if you deflect from it.*

I’ve been there enough times to become mostly desensitized: yet I do often regret my decision- but I eventually revert to the same irreversible pain that compelled me to make it in the 1st place. Until next time it happens. That’s my reality. Yay!