I didn’t tolerate lithium! Not only did i become a natural disaster physically, but apparently my brain went on a serotonin/noradrenaline frenzy that caused me a drug fever (serotonin syndrome) in 1 day! After stopping, I still had a terrible day 2. Today is day 3, and I’m starting to feel myself again, and physically much better.

Now, mood-wise I became very depressed (not surprising, as lithium is an antimanic mood stabilizer), plus I don’t take antidepressants –they do me no good, neither do antipsychotics- however, lithium STOPPED THE CYCLING. Whoa, from at least 2 switches per day to none. It also made my IQ most deficient out of all meds I’ve tried. Couldn’t put 2 thoughts together.Ouch.

**This is just my experience, each person is different, and lithium is still the best option for many bipolar patients, except for some side effects. It just didn’t work for me – like almost all else.**

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, because it was surreal that after so long, I didn’t cycle. Then again, it could’ve been coincidence…

As with most bipolar fighting meds, it also made my mind kinda dull…