off : yesterday and hell

running frantic while standing still:a focused agonizing mind but an increasingly anxious body now screams

–in tears i resign, white flag of peace–haunting anxiety release me of your grip–accusing paranoia leave me be–i know u’re always there watching and getting in the way of my existence–you stole my life from me, i learned that some time ago–but please let me play this ordinary charade of functional sanity–enough to keep be from work disability– i’m somewhat young, please have mercy–
*fun hypomania where the fuck are you? your dysphoric manic twin has wreaked havoc in bi-or tri-hourly periods* i thought i would never wish for unadulterated depression but this depressive agitation has this fragile mind in threads* yesterday

I wasn’t hypomanic nor depressed, but in hellmixed state

HELLmixed episode:

a term yet to be put on the DSM-IV or still developing DSM-V
(DSM= Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)