(Candy)(Rainbows) / Short Time =

= Skittles: Mania Flavored Edition

No existing words can articulate the high of maniceuphoria – it’s


Our rainbow has no limits, its light blinds us with beauty as wefranticallyraceourthoughtsconvincedwecanfly to taste the colors on the other side. Our days last forever, as we don’t wastetimesleeping. Our bodiesareinvincible, our minds wanderfreeandlimitless…Until with little (or much time), the cycle ends & starts with a brainfuck that we saw coming in our peripheral vision but ignored- as if by doing so, this time our impendingcrashfall would go away-a notion both stupid & delusional.

One second-on the rainbow enjoying the view, tasting the sweetness of authentic artificialhappy: Next second-depressivebitterness burns from my mouth through the rest of me, unadulterated potentpain: Next second-I fall for what seemsforever, to end up locked in these dark walls, so alone & devoid of hope.

No existing words can articulate the depressive underground low-    poisonousaftertaste of mania