Untitled- Fffffffffuck!!!!!! to be more accurate

After spending over 1 hr writing on here, it all got erased! Oh, and of course, I lost my creative edge by now and have to get outta here to get ready for work. Ugh. Fabulous.

Well, here is something worth sharing if you’re curious:


Not the most up to date info, but the best resource I’ve found to better understand my mood variations. It was introduced by my doctor back in late 2008 when I thought I was going insane because I couldn’t find ANYTHING AT ALL that described what i was going through. Remotely.

Lesson learned in 2008 and then relearned in 2010 and a note to self: Beware of leaving medication and not seeing your therapist on ur own. It has irreparable consequences.

I feel like shitty special. My body has registered my lack of sleep, and the fact I’ve been very physically sick. Result of that: PAIN!!!!!! Mood wise, I’m depressed but very energetic while being severely unmotivated. I have no appetite whatsoever but my body just registered I haven’t eaten since… sometime yesterday. Whoohoo! Awesome. Ugh. But I feel a switch coming, I just don’t know where I’m headed, lol.

That’s it. For now.